Care Instructions


We recommend using a specialised silver polishing cloth or sterling silver cleaning dip to keep your jewellery looking sharp and fresh. For all oxidized jewellery we would advise you to only use a silver polishing cloth.
If your pieces are heavily tarnished we would recommend taking them to a professional silver cleaner or jeweller.
Helpful tips to maintain your Zabbana Sterling Silver jewellery:

 - You can minimise tarnish by wearing your jewelry often. The natural oils in your skin will help clean the silver and keep it looking shiny.
 - Store your jewellery in an airtight bag or container when not worn.
 - Remove all jewellery when doing house chores, as many cleaning products contain sulphur and high levels of chemicals that could cause corrosion and tarnish.

    Some silversmith’s crafted jewellery is intentionally oxidized to allow parts of the jewelry to darken, typically small details and textures, to make them stand out more. Be careful not to over clean or polish these pieces, as detailing can be lost. We would recommend only using a specialized sterling silver polishing cloth for these pieces.


    Our gold vermeil jewellery is heavy and hard 18k gold plating over sterling silver. The quality of our plating is excellent, and to ensure that it lasts a long time, we recommend you store your jewellery in an airtight bag or container when not being worn.
    We advise you to remove your jewellery when doing house cleaning, as the chemicals in cleaners can remove the gold, tarnish the jewellery or even worse corrode the metal.
    I addition, plated jewellery should avoid being worn in swimming pools, the sea, while bathing, or when putting on perfume or hairspray.
    If you would like to clean your 18k gold vermeil jewellery wash it with a small amount of non-chemical soap and water. You could also use a soft dry cotton ball, gently rub the surface in a circular motion to clean.
    Leather is an organic product and will age over time. There may be slight natural imperfections, which adds to its individuality. To ensure a long life of your bag, do not overfill as this puts stress on the seams and fastenings.
    Zabbana recommends coating your new purchase with a leather waterproofing product before use. In the event that the lining requires washing you may hand wash it only while taking care not to wet the leather.